Texas State Securities Board Issue Cease and Desist To Crypto and Medical Marijuana Investment Site

On Monday, the Texas State Securities Board issued a cease-and-desist order to LeadInvest. The agency contends that LeadInvest has fabricated its management team and is illegally soliciting investors for a lending program and a cryptocurrency mining operation.

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Texas’ securities agency has issued another cryptocurrency related emergency cease-and-desist order, this time against DavorCoin. In the latest filing, signed late last week, the Texas State Securities Board (TSSB) alleges the company has been issuing unregistered securities with fraudulent and misleading information designed to lure and dupe investors.

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The Texas State Securities Board has handed the bullish cryptocurrency lending investment platform a cease and desist letter, ordering them to shut down its operations and its BitConnect Coin (BCC.

The State Securities Board is responsible for administering and enforcing the Texas Securities Act. The mission of the State Securities Board is to protect Texas investors. Consistent with that purpose, the Agency seeks to ensure a free and competitive securities market for Texas, increase investor confidence, and thereby encourage the.

Texas State Securities Board Issues Cease and Desist Order to Crypto Promoters The Texas State Securities Board has taken emergency action against a network of fraudulent crypto-related firms. The.

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The Enforcement Division of the Texas State Securities Board has issued an immediate cease and desist order to LeadInvest, which was a platform that allowed investors to "earn interest on the crypto market." According to the order, LeadInvest was targeting investors in Texas and was failing to both disclose the background and qualifications of its [.]

The Enforcement Division of the Texas State Securities Board is continuing its second sweep of suspect cryptocurrency investment products. In an effort to protect consumers and purge bad actors from the crypto space, the State Securities Board has now entered a total of 25 enforcement actions against 79 parties allegedly involved in illegal and fraudulent [.]