Forged Documents, Fake Titles: Is The Florida Mortgage Mess Only The Tip Of The Iceberg?

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Forged Documents, Fake Titles: Is The florida mortgage mess Only The Tip of The Iceberg? Foreclosuregate: Time to Break Up the Too-Big-to-Fail Banks? SCUMBAG JUDGE BARBARA LANE ORDERS FAMILY OF 9 TO GIVE HOUSE TO THE THIEVES.

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But as Sloan knew well, the fake consumer accounts scandal was just the tip of the iceberg in terms of Wells Fargo’s long history of misconduct. The bank has been repeatedly sued by consumer watchdog, civil rights, and community organizing groups around the country, as well as by Baltimore and other cities, for violating laws against racist.

Guilford County Sues To Clean Up Banks’ "Mess" at the Register of Deeds. Guilford County, ex rel. Jeff L. Thigpen, Guilford County Register of Deeds, filed suit today against LPS/DocX, MERSCORP, MERS, Inc., and numerous banks, loan servicers, and foreclosure specialists seeking to clean up the "mess" Defendants created in the County’s property records registry.

Florida Home Sales Bounce Back From Irma’s Impact Southwest Florida Homes Sales Start to Bounce Back After a very dramatic shift in housing statistics in the month immediately following Hurricane Irma, the Lee County market had a much better month in October. Closed Sales were still down for Single Family Homes in October, but not as dramatically as the month before.Getting Pre-Approved For A Florida Home Mortgage Mortgage rates · Preapproval lenders · Cash-out refinance rates · 30-year. NerdWallet can help you choose the best florida mortgage lender for. If you're looking to buy or refinance a home in Florida, you have.. mortgage pre- qualification available online; Offers. Pre-qualified offers are not binding.

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CoreLogic: 12.4 Percent Year-Over-Year Increase in Mortgage Fraud Risk Mortgage fraud grows as home prices and demand increases. by Rincey Abraham October 8, 2018. Instances of mortgage fraud risk grew 12.4 percent since last year, according to CoreLogic’s mortgage application fraud risk index.. approximately one in 109 applications, or 0.92 percent, of all mortgage applications contained indications of fraud.