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The standard enthalpy of formation is measured in units of energy per amount of substance, usually stated in kilojoule per mole (kj mol 1), but also in kilocalorie per mole, joule per mole or kilocalorie per gram (any combination of these units conforming to the energy per mass or amount guideline).

Enthalpies of formation are set H values that represent the enthalpy changes from reactions used to create given chemicals. If you know the enthalpies of formation required to create products and reactants in an equation, you can add them up to estimate the enthalpy much as you would with bond energies as described above.

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1. Consider the gas-phase reaction: {eq}\rm{CO(g)\:+\:H_2O(g)\:\rightarrow \:CO_2(g)\:+\:H_2(g)}{/eq} a. Calculate the standard enthalpy change of this reaction at 25.

The enthalpy change of a reaction is the amount of heat absorbed or released as the reaction takes place, if it happens at a constant pressure. You complete the calculation in different ways depending on the specific situation and what information you have available.

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Enthalpy Change Accompanying a Change in State. When a liquid vaporizes the liquid must absorb heat from its surroundings to replace the energy taken by the vaporizing molecules in order for the temperature to remain constant.

Enthalpy. Thermodynamics is the study of the relationship between heat (or energy) and work. Enthalpy is a central factor in thermodynamics. It is the heat content of a system.

Winter 2013 Chem 254: Introductory Thermodynamics Chapter 2: Internal Energy, Work, Heat and Enthalpy 15 More general formula for PV work, P does not need to be constant f i V V ext w P dV Sign Convention : Work done on the system raises internal energy of system

Enthalpy is the change in energy of a chemical compound or reaction. However, enthalpy is unique because it is not just the internal energy change (q.) It also accounts for the energy required to combat atmospheric pressure. This is important because chemists love to work with open containers.

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