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US, UK, France Tell Iran to Open Nuke Site – Led by Obama at the site of the G-20 summit in Pittsburgh, French President Nicolas Sarkozy and british prime minister gordon brown joined the United States Friday in chastising Tehran for operating.

Jordan Peterson's Jungian best-seller is banal, superficial. – The real danger in 12 Rules for Life: An Antidote to Chaos is its apologia for social Darwinism and bourgeois individualism covered over with a theological patina. Canadian psychologist and.

Baker County Blog: 2013 – Just read my past posts. After all, in an irrational, emotionally manipulated, ideological, and propagandized world, the truth is no defense. Anyone who roundly criticizes israel is by their definition an anti-Semite. That is as true as their implying that a barak obama attack on Syria, sans UN approval, would be legal under international law.

Richmond American Debuts Three New Models at Popular Erie Masterplan waking anastomosis: slacks reverified

Trump Threatens Syria Attack, Knocks Russia, Cites Cold. –  · ’Get Ready, Russia’ Trump Threatens Missile Attack on Syria While Citing the Cold War. Saying “our relationship with Russia is worse now than it has ever been, and that includes the Cold War,” Trump also seemingly criticized Russia for escalating the arms race-less than three months after he called on Congress to “modernized.

Google News – Overview – Supreme leader criticizes Iran’s politicians amid US tension Iran’s supreme leader publicly chastised the country’s moderate president and foreign minister Wednesday, saying he disagreed with the implementation of the.

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Heartache for Japan’s 40-year-old virgins – LFRAgain: I agree with your comments to a point, and as they say it takes two to tango. You brought out points that may deter some men, but keep in mind, not all women here are bringing a lot to the.

Shearson/American Express Inc. v. McMahon – Wikipedia – Shearson/American Express Inc. v. McMahon, 482 U.S. 220 (1987), is a united states supreme court decision concerning arbitration of private securities fraud claims arising under the Securities Exchange Act of 1934.By a 5-4 margin the Court held that its holding in a 1953 case, Wilko v. Swan, that the nonwaiver provisions of the Securities Act of 1933 prevented the mandatory arbitration of.

Propaganda Pre$$ Monitor: Globe Trying to Goad Trump Into War – "Members of both parties criticized president Trump’s handling of North Korea on Sunday after the president tweeted that he has ”confidence” in Kim Jong Un and quoted North Korean state-run media’s assessment that former vice president Joe Biden is a ”low IQ individual.” Representative Adam Kinzinger, Republican of.


How al-Qa`ida Lost Control of its Syrian Affiliate: The. – Abstract: The Syrian jihad presented invaluable opportunities for al-Qa`ida to establish what it had always sought: a popular, broadly representative jihadi resistance movement that could support the creation of an Islamic government presiding over an expanse of important territory. Jabhat al-Nusra assumed the mantle of responsibility in seeking to achieve this grand goal.

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